I am a gal who absolutely loves food (possibly too much).

My name is Cathy. I am originally from Sydney but am currently living in London. I spend more money on food than I do on rent most months, am not afraid to drink a bottle of wine by myself on a school night, and have been known to eat an entire (home made) family size lasagna in one sitting. I am not a chef, nutritionist, dietitian, food critic or professional of any type; I am a home cook who is passionate about food and considers recipes a basis for inspiration.

I have realistically been resisting putting together this site for the past five or so years because I wanted to be one of those trendy people who can write about fashion, travelling and events like a true socialite blog. However, after trying and failing to create a lifestyle blog/site, turns out I am not cool enough and the only thing I really care to share with the world is my love of food.


I learnt to cook from my mother from a very young age. She instilled a love of creating my own food (we never followed recipes) and of sharing that food with my family and friends, and it is one of the things I treasure most in my childhood. I am also very lucky to have a Grandma and Granny who are both excellent cooks and have been my cooking role models my entire life. As I am in no way a professionally trained chef, I have to thank these women immensely for teaching me so much about food and about being a wonderful host. I would also like to thank my father for taking me to (and paying for) copious numbers of expensive meals across the world, and for never making me eat off the children’s menu.

I also have to thank my wonderful man who not only pushed me to work on this site, but also gave me the concept for it after routinely posting pictures of food I made him on Instagram. He also eats pretty much everything I give him, even when it hasn’t gone according to plan.

This site is a collection of recipes, reviews and general ranting about food. It’s meant to be fun so pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!

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